Our Sustainability Principles

Pictura Sustainability"At Pictura, we have a considerable commitment not only to our sustainability, but the environmental impact of the printing industry." 
          Paul Lilienthal, President

Our future depends upon us being a "greener" company and a more responsible corporate citizen. Pictura believes that sustainability is an integral business practice and we will strive to be a leader in all areas of environmental stewardship in the visual communications industry.  We will exemplify this responsibility through utilization of innovative product technologies and resources that are the most efficient and beneficial environmental practices possible.

Our emphasis is on a “cleaner,” greener” manufacturing process.  Over the past 5 years, we have already invested in many manufacturing improvements from investments in printing equipment with lower VOC’s, implementation of recycling programs, to the utilization of substrates that have favorable environmental characteristics. 

Materials selected to produce our products pose environmental risks.  Our lineup of “greener” material solutions, ecoImages, began years ago with a few solutions that possessed limited environmental characteristics.  Today, we are much more advanced and scrutinized in our selection criteria; both of vendors and the materials they are promoting as “greener” solutions.

Our team is the fundamental component of our sustainability.   We strive to create an engaging workplace where our employees are commended for their continued promotion of “green” initiatives, sponsor workplace safety, and reduction of both personal and business economic footprint. 


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