Wall Coverings and Murals

From telling the history of your company to a custom look for your office space, the options are endless with our custom digital printed wallpaper and wall murals.  What better way to share your company's history to brand logos and message to display it throughout the corporate environment.  Wall coverings can be combined with other display systems or  A/V solutions to produce a creative and effective communication tool.  Further accent your space with frosted, transparent or opaque window films that can be printed and/or cut to create any design style or effect.


UofM Alumni Association
Wall Mural & Window Films
for UofM Alumni Assoc
BMW Wall Mural
Showroom Wall Murals
for BMW Minnetonka
3M Wall Covering
Concrete Wall Covering
for 3M
Olson Wall Covering
Custom Wall Covering
for Olson


Target Custom Wall Covering
Pattern Wall Covering
for Target
Pictura Elevator Wrap
Elevator Wrap
for Pictura
Healthways Textured Wall Covering
Textured Wall Covering
for Healthways
Parameters Custom Wall Coverings
Custom Wall Covering
for Parameters


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