Dimensional Letters, Profile Cutting, Stand-Offs, Pucks & Cable Systems


Dimensional lettering and Profile Cutting is an effective way to grab attention and make your signage stand out from the crowd. Making your logo stand out from the lobby wall, enhancing a photo collage, or drawing attention to a corporate timeline - adding dimension gives your design the edge you need to get noticed.  Profile cutting also gives you the freedom to create in 3 dimensions. With the ability to cut and crease - profile cutting opens you to a whole new world of possibility of self-supporting displays or even structural products.


Burnsville Toyota Scion Dimensional Letters
DiBond Dimensional Letters
for Burnsville Toyota Scion
Weisman Art Museum - Profile Cut and Layered Installation
Profile Cut Art Installation
for Pictura
Lipscomb Illuminated Profile Cut Map and Dimensional Letters
Conference Room
for Lipscomb Missions
Profile Cut Best Buy Timeline installation
Dimensional Timeline Wall
for Best Buy


Stand Offs, Puck and Cable Systems
Stand Offs and pucks securely hold panels out from most rigid surfaces and can be used as panel connectors and spacers when creating collage designs. Available for indoor or outdoor application, cable systems can be used to suspend rigid graphic panels or banners in areas where pucks may not be available or efficient. Like Stand Offs, all cable suspension components attach to each other, are solid single components or assemblies and have multiple applications to hold or hang all types of materials.


Stand-Offs, Glamour Art Installation
Art/Glamour Intallation
Stand-Offs & Cut Lettering
Mississippi State Puck & Plex Installation
Basketball Legends Wall
for Mississippi State
Clear Stand-Off History Wall
Floating History Wall
for Syngenta
University of Maryland Plex & Puck Installation
Basketball Legends Hall
for University of Maryland



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